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    Fully decentralized    

    Modern payment solution

    Fast and cheap transactions

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    Green mining  

    Balanced reward

    Optimal block time  

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    we create amazing opportunity

    Join the digital age and follow cryptocurrency revolution.

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philosopher stones

Modern decentralized payment solution. Cryptocurrency with "green" proof-of-stake minting and transaction messages.

mobile soon

Mobile wallet is under active development right now.

perfect for all

The only equipment you need for minting new coins is your PC or even laptop.

green mining

Proof-of-stake algorithm guaranties low power consumption and operating costs for minters.

fair distribution

The intial distribution took 10 months with Proof-of-Work Scrypt algorithm before Scrypt ASICs.

key features

PhilosopherStones Coin is stable and time-proved blockchain that suits as backbone for financial applications and data storage platform.

50% year return

Attractive minting


200 sec block time

Balanced blockchain


stake every 10 days

Which make yearly return 64% due


Launched 27 of July 2013

Well established coin with

long history

transaction messages

You can store arbitrary information

in the blockchain


No Pre-mines. No IPOs. No ICOs.

No footprint.

The Magnum Opus

Make of a man and woman a circle; then a quadrangle; out of this a triangle; make again a circle, and you will have the Stone of the Wise. Thus is made the stone, which thou canst not discover, unless you, through diligence, learn to understand this geometrical teaching.

get started

Follow the instructions on the slides below.

acquire wallet

Download the latest wallet here. philosopherstone-qt.zip.

Unzip it to any folder you like. But not be hurry to start it, we need another step to take, that will save you lot of time.

prepare wallet

The wallet needs to be synced, it's a timely process that could take days, so it's good idea to bootstrap it.


Download bootstrap.dat file and put it in the same folder you have philosopherstone-qt.exe file.

Now you can start the wallet. The wallet will bootstrap itself, it will take one or two hours depends on your computer speed.

your address

To receive PHS you need an receiving address.

Go to Receive tab, you already have one address you can use. Right click on it to copy it to clipboard or to edit its label.

It's good idea to generate new address for every transaction.

To get a new address click New Address button in the bottom and choose a label for it.


The wallet keeps all its data in its application folder. It should be in "C://Users/YourUsername/AppData/" folder. You can use windows find files function to find this folder.

The most important is wallet.dat file.


Your private keys are stored in the wallet.dat file.

If somebody get access to this file he could steel your coins, if you lose this file, you'll lose your coins without a chance to recover.

To prevent stealing you have to encrypt your wallet and to prevent losing it, you have to backup it.


To encrypt your wallet go to Wallet->Encrypt Wallet and enter new passphrase two times. Write it down in some secure place, if you lose it, you will lose your coins.

After you press Ok, your wallet.dat file will be encrypted and even if somebody get access to it, he won't be able to get your private keys without your password.

To backup your wallet go to Files->Backup wallet and choose the place and name for you backup. Remember if you add more receive addresses after backup, you have to backup your wallet again.


Cryptopia is a popular cryptocurrency exchange, where you can buy and sell PHS.

You need an account there. Use this link to register. After logging in, point on big letter B besides your avatar and username in upper right corner and choose deposit. Choose coin you want to deposite and click next to generate deposite address.

You can buy bitcoins on other exchangers like cex.io with your credit card, or get other coins from free faucets.

buy phs

You need bitcoins to buy PHS. If you deposited other coins sell them for bitcoins first.

Then go to the PHS market and put a PHS buy order.

When the order will be fulfilled, withdraw PHS into your wallet to one of your receive addresses.

Point to big B and click Withdraw . Choose PhilosopherStones and enter the receiving address you want to use.


Minting is a process of generation of new coins. Coins that was not moved for 10 days and more can mint new coins at 50% per year rate.

When your coins is mature enough you need to start you wallet, wait while it synced, go to Wallet->Unlock Wallet and enter you passphrase.

The up sign icon in the right lower coner of the wallet should become green, that means that staking process is on. Leave the wallet in this state till all your coins are staked.

download the latest version of phs wallet


get in touch

If you have any question, suggestion, ideas, deals or offers feel free to contact us.


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